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Fun dream

So I actually had a dream that i remember and that was fun. It had me, Mike, Andy Buchanan, this guy from work Big Earl who weighs 500+ pounds, and sum random made up brain people and Hicks and Hudson from Aliens. Me, Hicks, and Hudson were government investigators trying to find out a out some mysterious killings. vampires were thought to be the cause. So the thing takes place at the motel type resort that was kinda like a high school gym swimming pool house thing. I dunno it was wierd to be honest. There was a pool though and we stayed in rooms and the people I knew from real life were there. So the plot...Hudson was hitting on chicks n being silly while me and Hi is did most of the investigating. I was kinda under cover trying to blend in. So after a couple of days people started catching cold like symptoms. Andy, and two other people at the resort and sum chick that Hudson had picked up. Times passed the we didn't find too much evidence of what was goin on but Mike got sick and Andy did also. The chick from earlier disappeared completely. So one evening me and Hicks were discussing the sick people and the disappearing people and how we were gonna head out in the morning because we hasn't found anything. Meanwhile Hicks found sum chicks who were constantly jogging and exercising and he decided he was gonna spend the last night with them.
The next morning. I was awoken to Hicks busting in the room yelling about the girls and doing his whole "GAME OVER MAN," thing. So me and Hicks went out side the room. There were sick people every where and people
Who had these circle shaped bruises on them. Like something had burned the skin off them but there wasn't a burn mark the skin was just gone. So basically everybody was sick except Hudson, Hicks, Earl, Me, and sum random guy. I asked Mike how he was doing because we had to leave now. He said he had a head ache and felt really hungry. And felt like he needed blood and immediately ran over and grabbed this random chick. I ran down stairs where Earl was and told him get outside immediately and not let anybody out of the door. I ran back upstairs where Hicks was fighting a couple of the other Hotel goers and Hudson was trying to talk those chicks out of attacking him. Mean while every body else at the hotel was either sick or having the blood sucked out of them. The sickness was some wierd vampire like disease that caused the person to desire blood. They absorbed the blood through their hands. So while going to help Hudson I was attacked from behind by Andy. I tried to talk him out of attacking me but evidently he was smitten with the idea of being a vampire. So I did this fancy military flip on him and tried to run but he attacked me again. So I was like, "Andy you can't beat me".
He replied, "I'm not a human anymore Tor and have powers now."
By now I had been surrounded by these vampire things. So I rolled up my sleeves and said, "your powers don't matter."
And started changing into a werewolf.

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