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saying good byes

Life, it's so full of things. Mostly people and change. The two go hand in hand.
People of this world. They are like leeches. They use you for what they can get with no concerns of your needs.
Your resources. It's an every day thing. Nations use other nations. Now instead of marrying off family members to form treaties and pacts we loan or borrow money. Same game new players.
The people who stick their grubby little hands out. "MORE...MORE!!!" They shout with total disregard for whether or not you have it to give. They suck you dry and then when u have no more to give, there is now a problem. We spoil our loved ones with things we shouldn't so freely give. Then when it's no longer there to give them, they are not happy. Like a child who's been told no. A fit ensues.
I don't bother people with my problems. My life is pretty stream lined. I made it that way to do away with the hassles. If i have a problem i do my best to solve it. I try to pinpoint it and correct that behavior. Make it get in line. But even I am not completely immune to life.
In the past couple of years i've been able to help so many people in so many ways. God has blessed me with a job that allows me to help others in financial need. I thank him for this. But I still have my bills to pay, i still have things i want to do in life. Ive run myself in the ground helping others and when the moneys not there, there's an attitude. I suppose it's just like everything else. Like the bum who wants money for food, but not for you to buy them food.

My time is limited, my body is tired but yet people still want me to give.
I've driven home so many nights falling asleep. Only God got me home safe. If i had been a cop i would have arrested myself.
But still more, more time, more effort.
When does it stop.
When do people look through the eyes of others and realize there are limits.
Your selfish personal greeds need to be checked. People's resources whether material, physical, or otherwise are not infinite.
You have a need so does the other person.
Just take the time to be considerate of others and their resources before you decide your needs are more important than theirs.
And if you're given advice as to help your situation please take it and try it.
we all think we're right in life, but we're not. different paths for different steps.
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