the brain (the_brain) wrote,
the brain

Bills Bills and more bills

Birrus i believe is the name of the new Dragon Ball Z villain or villain-ish type guy. But i guess that's not important. Anyways, Bills suck. They're a never ending cycle of of money eating. It's very annoying. It's even more annoying when you should have help paying bills but you don't. As i've said so many times before people don't change and they pull the same shenanigans year after year after decade. Same old bull shit over and over. Bills are due, oh you don't have the money again this pay cycle. But wait you bought that thing that you really didnt need. Oh but when it's something that is used regularly you don't have the money for it. Oh okay i see. You're full of shit, yeah i understand completely. But i guess we get ourselves into these messes huh. Here to being a dumbass.
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